About the map

Since 2015, Lienke (now Creative director at Clarify) kept a digital map pinned with places to visit in Amsterdam, where she moved in 2012. From little cafes to museums and from shops to bakeries. As an illustrator, she always had a big love for illustrated maps.

This combined with email she received from I know this great little place in Amsterdam, asking her to collaborate on a map of Amsterdam, made her decide to make an illustrated map as a Clarify (then in60seconds) project.

This led to the first version of the Great Places map released in 2016:

2016 version great places amsterdam map

Sales went very well and we even made it to a full page in Het Parool and some (local) magazines. We sold over 500 of the 2016 edition.

With many places coming and going, it was time for a new version. This is the second and newest edition of this map. With input from collegues and friends, the new map slowly came to live. Lienke started in west, where she lives and knows most places. From there she worked her way through the rest of Amsterdam. Although the process of appearing and disappearing will continue, the map shows a specific era in Amsterdam: 2022. A good moment that also celebrates living in Amsterdam for 10 years! The map is further zoomed out compared to the previous version, which led to more locations and way more detail. A lot has changed since 2016!

Great places amsterdam map 2022

The new map took over 50 hours to draw, over a period of almost two years. This included removing and adding places that disappeared in these two years ;) All places lettered by hand, one by one. No fonts were used.

The map is a risograph print, printed in two colors: black and fluo red. The poster is A2 size and the paper is 150 grams.

This is a Clarify project, illustrated by Lienke Raben. Co-initiator: I know this great little place in Amsterdam by Kim Lewis