About us

Ever been faced with that equally daunting and delightful task of showing someone around in Amsterdam? Ever rolled your eyes, scratched your temple and come up short? So have we. I know this Great Little Place in Amsterdam and in60seconds have been uncovering all the city's burried gems and hidden goodness for the last five years.

To celebrate five years of GLP Amsterdam and in60seconds, we decided to do something tangible for a change. We teamed up with the talented Lienke Raben to create an exclusive Treasure map of Amsterdam, showing you a different side of this city we love.


I know this Great Little Place

Great little place is on a mission to uncover Amsterdam's hidden treasures and unusual things to do. Skip the big bland chains and tourist traps, and go straight to those little sweet spots that capture our city's magic!



Lienke Raben

Lienke (1990) is an Amsterdam based illustrator and designer. Her style is graphic, doodle-ish and handlettering often plays a big role in her work. She likes to work with a limited color palette.




in60seconds develops creative concepts, infographics, videoproductions and animations. Key role of their work is communicating a complex message in a short amount of time. They introduced the term ‘explanimations’, explanations in 60 second animations.


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